The 10 Most Popular Posts on TripleSEO 2013

Everyone loves a list round up post at the end of the year don’t they? Well I know I do so I thought I’d take a quick opportunity to round up the 10 most read articles on my site according to Google Analytics.

Hopefully there is something in here that you might have missed or perhaps had forgotten about from earlier in the year.

So without further ado:

#10. Developing a Content Strategy for your Niche Site

A post from the start of the year about the importance of having a content strategy for your niche project sites. A lot of people struggle with their niche sites due to the stereotypical ADD that most niche site affiliates have, but by having a defined content strategy you will be setup for success.

#9.  Scale SEO – Tools to Get More Done

I only published this post a few weeks a go but it gives an overview of some of my favourite SEO tools I use every single day to make sure I am productive and to scale out my processes.

#8. Newsjacking: Real-Time Linkbaiting

This year I’ve been experimenting with different link building tactics more including Link Baiting and more specifically News Jacking. By latching your business on to a breaking news story you can be a useful resource to journalists and bloggers who are looking for new information.

#7. Why Do People Share Content?

As a scientist I like to understand the “why” things happen and so I dug around looking for some information on “Why People would actually share my content?”.  Not surprisingly it’s related to our egos!

#6. The Human Side of Black Hat SEO

I don’t always accept guest posts on my blog but when I do they’re pretty awesome! Dustin Verburg wrote an interesting article on why and how people got into “Black Hat SEO”. We often argue about what is and what isn’t Black Hat in the SEO community but I think we should all remember that there are Snake Oil peddlers ruining businesses week in, week out in the name of SEO.

#5. What I’ve Learned Auditing and Removing Unnatural Links

The last ~2 years have seen SEO’s spending more and more time cleaning up links and dealing with manual penalties. I think the past 6-7 client inquiries I have dealt with this month have involved some form of link penalty analysis and clean up. To be honest in the ~6 months since I wrote this post things have probably advanced even more.

#4. Traffic Tips to Kickstart your Crowdfunding Campaign

At the start of the year I decided to write a guide for people who are looking at getting into running a crowdfunding campaigns. At the time there were very few posts out there on crowdfunding marketing and I noticed that alot of people seemed to spend all their time creating a product rather than testing if people want it or building up a customer base.

#3. SEO World Problems

A piece of sharebait I created based on the meme “First World Problems”. Thanks to social media and the need for all SEO’s to share every single one of their waking moments on Twitter it wasn’t hard to turn some moany tweets into a bit of fun :)

#2. The Link Building Process in GIF Form

The Buzzfeed-ification of TripleSEO began this year in earnest, as I said earlier in this round up I’ve tried to experiment with different content types to work out how easy they are to create and share. And the format seemed to do well for quite a few others too.

The post generated 11,476 page views in the first 24 hours, as well as picking up some very good links with zero outreach – I might have to 301 this post at some point in the future </joke>

#1. How To Be More Persuasive – Psychology 101 for Link Builders

Thankfully a bunch of GIFs I slapped together in 45 minutes weren’t my most popular content on the site this year, and shows that people actually do care about interesting and well researched intelligent content and we’re not all a bunch of meme hungry attention deficited morons.

If you have any interest in learning more about psychology and persuasion then please check this one out.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank  for your support and wish you and your family a very Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year.

And if you’re looking to give me a gift this festive season then you can always sign up to my email list or follow me on Twitter 😉

Looking forward to 2014 I’ll be writing a lot more; not just for TripleSEO but also the Hit Reach Blog and several other industry publications in the coming weeks and months.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask them in the comments.

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