23 Super Useful Social Media Resources for SEO’s

It’s no secret that social media is playing a bigger role in the way in which today’s online marketers increase the visibility of their clients online, from prospecting potential links, generating content, circulating media and even utilising profiles to rank for their keywords.

Currently site authority is mainly measured by the quality and quantity of links. It is a commonly growing belief in the internet marketing community that the major search engines are moving towards analysing where a website should rank based on the author’s authority and also who’s sharing that content on social media.


Despite what some people believe Google+ isn’t a complete ghost town and a lot of very smart SEO’s are making the most of this social network from Google. As Google+ is still relatively small compared to Twitter and Facebook there are a lot more opportunities for you to connect with key influencers and find people who will be willing to share your content.

10 Tips to take Advantage of Google+ for SEO – Cyrus Shepard published this really handy guide on Google+ over at SEOmoz. It covers some really handy tips to help you obtain dofollow links from your Google+ profile and a few tips you can use for outreach with thought leaders in your space.

Expert Tips for Google+, Twitter and Quora – Kelvin Newman offers some more tips and tricks for making the most of your social media profiles.

The Ultimate Guide to Google+ SEO – I couldn’t sleep at night if I missed off this monster guide from AJ Kohn who has quickly become an authority on Google+. AJ has also written a lot other great guides and delivered some presentations with very handy tips on G+, so be sure to add him to your circles.

The Google+ Cheatsheet – you like cheat sheets don’t you, well I know I do because I am too lazy busy to have to remember everything I need to about a particular topic or web tool. Be sure to keep this guide to hand while you get to grips with Google+.

How to Prepare for AuthorRank – Mike Arnesen’s blog post over on SEOmoz has already earned over 130 thumbs up and I’ve no doubt in my mind it’s going to earn a lot more. Mike covers off a lot of topics you need to be aware of in this post including ways in which you can begin to build your AuthorRank.


Twitter is a Social Media powerhouse and according to Shareaholic provides approximately 1% of all traffic to websites.

15 Sites That You can use your Twitter Profile to get Links – Kristi Hines shares a multitude of sites that either automatically link back to you using information in your Twitter profile or will allow you to sign in with Twitter and add links because of it.

8 Secrets To Use Twitter For SEO – Bufferapp run through their top 8 tips and provide examples of how they worked based on this video from Rand Fishkin.


Link Building with Twitter – over on the Point Blank SEO blog I share 2 great (and free) tools and how you can use them to get links to your website.

10 Twitter SEO Tips –  Mashable run down their top 10 easy tips to maximising your Twitter profile for search equity.

Twitter Competitions to Grow your followers  – Gaz Copeland gives you a a full run down on how to use a Twitter competiton to increase the followers on your account.

How Twitters Bad SEO affects your ORM – Italian SEO Giuseppe Pastore shares his insights into the dangers of linking to your Twitter profile incorrectly and the impact this can have on your online reputation management efforts, Giuseppe has recently updated his  Twitter SEO analysis.


The behemoth of Social Networks with 1billion users this site is by far the most well known and used by small businesses to market their products and services to this huge audience.

7 Ways to get Shared on Facebook – Read through Traffic Generation Café’s advice for getting your content shared on Facebook.

SEO for Facebook Pages – this guide runs through how to edit and keyword optimise your Facebookfan page. It’s a very basic guide but puts to rest a lot of myths that many other Facebook SEO guides spout.

How to get your Business on Facebook – When you’re ready to create a fully customised Facebook Page there are some key components that you should consider.

Increase Fan Engagement on Facebook – Even if you’re active on your Facebook page posting regular status updates, interacting with fans and answering questions, you’re probably still missing out.

The Oatmeal Guide to Facebook – if there is just 2 Facebook articles you are going to read this year then make sure it’s this one and this one on how to get more likes.


Apparently Pinterest is in the top 4 traffic sources beating out the well known Social Media giant Twitter and search engines Yahoo and Bing by quite a distance. But let’s not get too hasty this is still less than 2% of web traffic.

But the sudden growth in Pinterest over the past 12 months can’t be ignored. The audience on Pinterest is different from the major social networks because most people use it to find inspiration.

How to Use Pinterest for Link Building – shameless self promotion time but it’s my blog and I’ll link to who I want to. In this post I have collated a selection of very useful tools you can use to find out who is pinning yours and your competitors content,  how you can earn links and gain more traffic to your website.

Five Step Guide to Pinterest for SEO – Jonny Ross runs through a few quick pointers for you to make the most of Pinterest to drive traffic back to your websites.

Best of the Rest

The below sites and communities are not on the levels of the big boys mentioned above but they still have very active communities which can drive traffic to your site or help you rank for difficult keywords.

How to Get More Instagram Followers – a great guide to getting more engagement on your Instagram account.

How to Use Quora if you are an SEO – Wordstream run through their top tips to make the most of Quora if you work in the search industry.

The Power of Slideshare – Tom Critchlow writes for Distilled about the great benefits of using SlideShare as part of your inbound marketing toolkit. Active communities like SlideShare as great places to get extra exposure and expand your reach.

SlideShare SEO  follow AJ Kohn’s tips for creating presentations that will rank highly in the SERP’s and deliver traffic to your site.

The Reddit Guide to Massive Traffic – Neil Patel shares his top tips for delivering huge amounts of traffic from Reddit. Be careful planning a marketing campaign on Reddit as they are very web savvy and can spot commercial intent a mile off.

I hope this post has given you some inspiration to begin to use your social media accounts in different ways to improve your visibility in the SERP’s if you have any more tips or resources to utilising social networks for SEO please drop share in the comments below.

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21 Responses to 23 Super Useful Social Media Resources for SEO’s

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  2. Diego Isaac says:

    Chris, this post is one of the best resources list available. Just that GREAT. Thanks and KEEP going. Hugs from Brazil.

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  4. Eric Scism says:

    I love this list. I love the fact that you put G+ first on this list. I think it absolutely the most powerful Social Network out there. I mean it’s created by the most popular search that everyone wants to rank #1 for. I’m glad others are passing it off as something not worth their time. It’s a great tool for any SEO to really give some extra life to their clients and web properties.

  5. Romanic says:

    Thanks for the advice 🙂

  6. JimmyH says:

    I’ve been reluctant to really wade into Social Media. It seems like a good deal of effort for such a small percentage of the net. Even Pinterest is generating less than 2% of your results. Is it really that useful a tool that it’s worth investing significant amounts of time into? I’m genuinely curious about how such small numbers make for such a big impact.

    • Chris Dyson says:

      I agree with you some what Jimmy, if it’s going to cost a lot of money to drive small amounts of traffic to your site then you have to assess your budgets. A lot of the tactics I mention in my post are ways to outreach to the “linkerati” or optimise your social profiles so they can rank for your desired keywords & increase your SERP equity.

      • JimmyH says:

        Ah, okay. So as with everything else, it’s dependent on the site and on the goals you have for your SEO. Thanks for answering.

  7. Really good post Chris. Thanks for this.

    I think we’re going to be heading towards an era where social plays more and more of a role in a page’s ranking. If your content is good enough to receive enough shares/likes/plus1’s then you’re going to head up those rankings. Add to that what Author Rank is going to do, you really want to be hunting those +1s now… The more circles you’re in, the more authority you’re going to be seen to have when it really kicks in as a defining issue in search. (I’ll be +1ing this post don’t worry!)

  8. Louie Diaz says:

    This is superb! a compilation of all related articles and tips that will help a lot of SEO’s out there. Thanks for this!

  9. Mark says:

    Love this list, awesome, thanks

  10. Anita says:

    Easily the best resource I have found on social media resources…thanks for sharing all the great articles. Kudos Chris.

  11. Felix says:

    Pinterest has gona so high in a short period of time. It’s awesome if you have a site that has lot of images.

  12. Naukri says:

    Google+ can be a beneficial addition to your SEO arsenal if used correctly, with a crossover of search engine optimisation and social media

  13. Hi Chris. What a list of resources! Anyone who doubts the SEO value of social media needs to take a hard look here and realize the wide array of options. Thanks for sharing this link on BizSugar!

  14. My Saturday morning is turning into one gigantic reading list that will most likely never be read… What are you doing to me, Chris??? 🙂

  15. Sourabh Rana says:

    I Bookmarked this article in chrome 🙂

  16. Ashley Carl says:

    Nice to see all of this useful information and resources in a single post. Social Media presence is critical to SEO. Optimized social media profiles can drive more traffic, increase inbound links and build online relationships.

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