Social Media on Autopilot for Busy People

Anyone who’s anyone is talking about Social Media and how it is the new way to find new customers and interact with your old ones.  I can understand that many busy business owners probably struggle to find enough hours in the day to remember to eat, let alone Tweet. I rarely write about Social Media on this blog but I thought I would share this tactic I recently used for a new client. My client was a very busy local business owner who didn’t have a single Social Media account let alone a Social Media strategy, and I certainly didn’t have the time to look after another account too so I went about finding ways to save time for us both.

Everyday my Twitter and Google+ streams are full of people in my niche sharing other people’s great content and by doing so getting more and more followers, they become “Thought Leaders” or subject matter experts. You see the Social Media is just that “Social” if you want to be popular on Twitter you need to do just 3 things… that’s right 3 things!

  1. Engage with other people
  2. Share & Reshare other peoples great content
  3. Share your own content

I have put these things in their order of importance and as you can see talking about yourself is the last thing to do. By  sharing really good content you will get more followers and not just any old followers, engaged followers  & people who think you are the person with their finger on the pulse in your industry.

But, I don’t have time to sit on Twitter or LinkedIn all day looking for Infographics, Videos or blogs to share with my followers.

Well this is why I am going to show you a great tool & a couple of tips which will allow you to do this on autopilot!

Find the Content Specialists

Firstly you need to find the top bloggers  in your industry. You probably already know who a few of these are, but you can either do a quick search on Google or use a blog directory; Alltop is a superb place to start and so is Technorati

You want to make a list of the RSS feeds of all the blogs you like in a text file. If you don’t know what an RSS Feed is read this

Automatically Post to Social Media

The RSS to Twitter service is the go to service here, it’s dead easy to setup and allows you to post to a number of social accounts at the same time including Twitter, LinkedIn  and Facebook. All you have to do is paste in the feeds and add your social profiles.

If you want you can also add more rules to your feeds so that only posts containing or not containing particular words, this allows you to have some editorial control over what updates are shared with your audience. You can also add extra text to the update such as hashtags or an intro or call to action such as “Read this Great Article…”  will help get your updates noticed. provides metrics such as the number of clicks and retweets you receive and it will show you your most popular content for the past 7 days… did I mention it was free?

Another great feature I use with is their schedule a post. This allows you to setup announcements in advance in case you are away or you could reshare some of your popular content from the past to your new followers or people who may have missed it.

Engaging With Followers on Autopilot

Remember rule number 1?

That’s right engage with other people on Social Media, well there is a great service that I discovered only a few weeks ago called ifttt , pronounced ift as in lift.

IFTTT stands for “If This Then That”, it allows you to automate tasks online such as you can back up your Instagram photos to Dropbox automatically or you can receive an alert if someone tags you on Facebook.

The automated tasks or “recipes” I use the most are:

  1. Thank someone on Twitter if they RT me
  2. Greet New Twitter Follower
  3. Post Tweets with #FB to Facebook
  4. Email me when someone mentions me on Twitter
  5. Send an SMS when a particular person sends out a Tweet (I’m not stalker honest)

The tasks above are great especially if you send a tweet to someone who might mention you with the hashtag #FF (Follow Friday) or you can jump online if you receive an SMS as one of your friends has mentioned you or tagged you on Facebook.

ifttt is growing rapidly and more and more services are being added to improve your automation online, it really is very easy to use and I recommend you go setup a few recipes now, at the moment I am setting up a task to send me a Google Calendar update to “Remember an Umbrella” if tomorrows weather report is predicting rain.

By using tools such as ifttt and it means you don’t have to spend hours online everyday and can start to get more out of social media.

If you have any more great Social Media automation tips please feel free to leave a comment below or send me a tweet

+Chris Dyson

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6 Responses to Social Media on Autopilot for Busy People

  1. It’s only January 6th and I’m already sensing so much buzz about IFTTT! Social media can be so time consuming – I know Facebook has been working on integrated platforms for a while, but this automation and collaboration when using the main social platforms is a fantastic idea. It’s great to have one tool that you can effectively manage your social media presence with.

    • Chris says:

      Thanks for your comment Charlotte I have been using IFTTT for so many automated tasks lately and I will be sharing them in another blog post in a few weeks.

  2. This is massively helpful. Chris has been an excellent help to me in using twitter and with small but significant questions that I have had about my business and promoting it. Use RWS as a resource and make sure you add him on Twitter @RootsWebSol.

    Well worth it.

    • Chris says:

      Thanks for the Twitter endorsement. Its great to know that I do actually tweet useful stuff amongst all the banter.

      Be sure to keep asking me those questions, they give me more ideas for blog posts or to further my own knowledge…

  3. Kristina Weis says:

    That’s very interesting! I like the idea of an automatic tweet to thank people who retweet me, but I wouldn’t want my stream to be full of the same tweets / look automated.

    The one caution I have is that many people have told me they hate obviously automated things, like the auto DMs you get when you follow some people – those people said they unfollow people who auto DM them.

    • Chris says:

      I totally agree it’s definitely something to be used in moderation but I have noticed more and more people using ifttt on Twitter to speed up tasks such as tweeting articles from Google reader they might have starred.

      I do like the ability of ifttt to publish RSS Feeds to various Social networks and it is something I use for cross posting Google plus updates to my Twitter account

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