SEO World Problems

Life as an Inbound Marketer Growth Hacker SEO can be really really really hard sometimes, and there’s only one way to handle it.

Share your excruciating pain and torment on Twitter.


Joel K

















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15 Responses to SEO World Problems

  1. barrie moran says:

    Taking a break from the GIF war ? 😉

    They say “A picture is worth a thousand words” and I think telling stories with images is a great way to keep peoples attention in this frenetic world.

    Plus, think you have some nice link bait there!

    Good work!

  2. what a wonderful idea, I just love this post. thank you

  3. HathawayP says:

    Chris you don’t follow Rand? How can you look yourself in the mirror every day and call yourself an inbounder?

    I don’t believe this shit right here.

  4. Shaun says:

    I feel the pain of at least six of these.

    @HathawayP:disqus I’ve just cancelled my MOZ because it’s just not SEO as I know it anymore 😉

  5. AnThanh says:

    thanks you sir ^^

  6. rosshudgens says:

    Hilarious, nice job Chris.

  7. SEOsherlock says:

    Nice to feature in your post. Looks like I was the only one who used the correct hashtag 😛

  8. James Norquay says:

    LOL know about the scrapers on SEL when you get links.

  9. IEMLabs says:

    Nice Post.. he he.. Yes we are really worried about it..

  10. Spook SEO says:

    Hi Chris,

    Actually, living in the SEO World is full of challenges. Harvest season is over and let’s prepare for the worst scenarios. Google’s updates are making SEO lives a lot painful. Anyway, I like what you did in this post. I shared the sentiment with the others. Good luck to all the SEOs out there.

    • Ankit Bharadwaj Pandey says:

      Hey Spook, very true. But look at the brighter side. Years back when we use to do mere link building and achieve the ranks it was more than cake walk. People regarded the SEO guys as data entry staff. But look now if you are good at SEO may be you are better than a developer, more creative than a designer, a better content writer than most of the newspapers, sharp statistician for churning the never ending data and above all a much sorted after manager. Yup I do think that domain of SEO has far extended than its literal meaning.

  11. Ankit Bharadwaj Pandey says:

    Hello Chris, Good work dear. I was going through the post and felt like hey these territories are quite familiar to me. However just wanted to add one more spice to this beautiful post. What about the blurbs we get each year something very similar “SEO is quite close to it’s dooms day” and all my friends get a cold feet planning for a new job when at the end of the day you feel it’s was just a rumor just like the one you got last year and the story goes on.

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