SEO is Dead (Reactions in GIF Format)

The SEO industry was shook to the core this past couple of days following the publication of the recent SEO is Dead article in the Guardian.

And you were probably like:

Some guy saying what

Or maybe more like:

Some other person saying what

Either way, you know that something went down

So to start things off, we need to break it down like this guy:

Man this guy is really breaking it down 

And start at the beginning:

Moonwalking = going backwards or something 

Where things started to get a little hairy:

Wow he looks shocked 

In order to provide some true and meaningful context, we must investigate all the possible causes of this event giving each the appropriate share of consideration.

We must refrain from modern trends in journalism which overemphasise the partisanship of issues and attempt to appeal to a specific demographic through various types of sensationalism.

To do this would be to dump on the merits of true journalistic integrity, purely for the purpose of increasing pageviews and in turn ad revenue by pandering to certain parties.

Here are the facts:

Well, that all led to:



While some other people just:


But all in all, we know that this event was definitely important:

More Reactions:

Martin MacDonald
Barry Adams
Hallam Internet

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3 Responses to SEO is Dead (Reactions in GIF Format)

  1. Nelly Dogman says:

    Animated Gifs are dead. You and I have done them to death.

  2. says:

    gifs are dead: freddy’s final nightmare. that sponge bob one made my day. thank you. i love how this particular avatar still has #sebald, who created us all.

    link dropping iz not dead yall

  3. Dustin Verburg says:

    Well I’m glad NyanPikachu is here to explain that Guardian piece to me. He brought it down to my reading level.

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