How to use Scrapebox for Link Building not Spamming

Scrapebox is well known in the SEO community as a Grey Hat, Black Hat, Yellow Polka Dotted Hat link building tool that is mainly used by blog commenting spammers. If you have ever spent any time reading blogs you will have seen the stereotypical comments on blogs. They usually say things such as “Great Blog Post thanks for sharing” with a keyword rich anchor text link to a site selling fake Ugg boots.

I know a lot of my regular readers will have a heart attack at the recommendation of using Scrapebox as a “White Hat” Link Building tool. A lot of people in the SEO community hate the thoughts of automated link building and the sheer mention of a tool such as Scrapebox makes their skin crawl. I can already imagine several people ready to jump down to the comments and tell me that tools like this are ruining the internet…

Well “Soapbox White Hatters” I’m going to show you a way that you can actually use Scrapebox to make the internet a better place… in fact a safer place for all!

So what is this Scrapebox Link building technique?

This link building technique utilises some of the free plugins that you can get from Scrapebox, the main tactic in this technique is to find a compromised or malware infected site and open a dialogue with the site owner in an attempt to receive a link either via a Guest Post or by suggesting the site owner replaces broken links with your own.

Scrapebox currently costs $97 (there are a few coupons on the net for $57 if you search around) and for the amount of time and money this tool will save you it is more than worth the investment. Scrapebox allows you to harvest thousands of URL’s from Google and Bing in no time at all and by entering your own custom footprints e.g. “submit * guest post” [keyword] you will find lots of guest blogging opportunities for your niche quickly. You can also import .txt files with lots of different search terms to put your harvesting on steroids.

The first free plugin you will need is the Malware and Phishing Filter once you have installed this plugin it allows you to search a list of sites from Scrapebox to find sites that have been compromised by some form of Malware. If you have Google Webmaster Tools setup on your websites then Google will normally inform you that a site has been infected by malware. Sadly many bloggers and small business owners rarely check their sites for malware and not everyone knows how to setup Google Webmaster tools.

Import your list of scraped URLs into the Malware checker and run it. This will flag up any site that has been compromised by some form of malware. You now want to export all of these bad urls and using the OSE check for PA/DA of the pages. Starting with the sites with the highest authority I then work down my list.

You can run the list through the Scrapebox Whois tool or use Scrapebox itself to check the contact page for any email addresses. You do not want to visit these sites as there is a risk that your computer maybe infected by a virus.

Now you want to send an email to the webmaster informing them of the malware issue on their site and send them a link to some helpful blog posts on how to fix malware infected sites. (If you haven’t checked out John Doherty’s blog post on SEOMoz about outreach email then make sure you do!)

You obviously do not want to ask for a link at this point. Depending on the quality of the site it might be worth using your hustle to track down alternative contact details too such as phone number, Twitter Handle, LinkedIn profile etc.

I have had a very good success rate in contacting webmasters using this technique and quite often I find that they are very grateful for you pointing out the problem on their website. Now that you have the dialogue with the site owner I will leave it to your imagination as to what approach you use next to obtain the link. But, this a good time to check the site for broken links or pitch a guest blog as the webmaster will probably have to recover the content on the site. I have even had a few webmasters offer me the chance to buy their sites for a small fee as they don’t have the time or inclination to fix their site and keep it up to date anymore!

So there you have it one way in which you can use a well regarded spam tool to speed up your link building research and to help make the web a safer place.

More Scrapebox Goodies.

I’m going to cover off a couple of other tasks I like to use ScrapeBox for when I am carrying out my day to day role, and hopefully I can show you some great ways to save time and speed up those monotonous processes.  There are a lot of extra applications for ScrapeBox and I am going to leave it to your own judgement as to the “ethical” use of this tool.

How to find Blogs to Guest Post on using ScrapeBox

I know guest blogging has been getting a lot of stick recently and quite rightly so. Some link builders have been really abusing this great tactic over the past few months; but I am sure you won’t be doing that will you now.

In this guide I am going to run through some screenshots so you can see how easy it is to use. I hope you are pretty up to speed with your advanced Google search operators, because you’re going to be dusting them off once you get your hands on ScrapeBox.

In this guide I am suggesting ways to find guest post prospects but you could just as easily use this method to find blogs to place infographics, videos or whatever other outreach projects you are working on.

  1. You want to add in your main keyword in this case I am looking for SEO blogs to write for
  2. You select “Custom Footprint” and add in your different footprints
  3. Select the search engine(s) you want to scrape e.g. Bing, Google, Yahoo
  4. Click the “start harvesting” button and go grab a fresh cup of coffee
  5. Once you have finished harvesting your URL’s you want to remove the duplicates (and you can also use ScrapeBox to lookup the PageRank of the domain)
  6. You then want to export the list into a CSV file
  7. I then like to do some basic prospecting to qualify my targets e.g. Web Design, PageRank or mozRank, RSS Subscribers, Social Media presence

I am not going to cover off best practises on pitching your guest posts in this article but if you want some good pointers on outreach I suggest you read my blogger outreach interview.

How to use ScrapeBox to Check for Broken Links

Another ScrapeBox tool you will find quite handy is the bulk URL check, especially if you have a big list of URL’s to check on a regular basis.

Oh and did I mention, you don’t even need to buy a license for this tool it’s completely free!

All you have to do is open the tool and then import a list of links you want to check in one text file. Now upload another text file you want to add in your URL’s. There are two options here you can either check a link to a specific URL is live or just check a link to the domain is live. It only takes a few minutes to check your list and then you can export the failed links and check with the webmaster to see why it may have been removed.

How to use ScrapeBox to Scrape Google Image Search

Do you suffer from your images being stolen by webmasters without attribution?  Well you can use Scrapebox to search Google for your image and then return the URL’s. The best way to do this is to make sure your image file names contain a set of random letters and numbers that will make it easy for you to find them e.g. dog-photo-xc345.jpg

You can then do a quick Google image search with ScrapeBox for “dog-photo-xc345.jpg” and the URL’s will be revealed. I would then personally load this list into ScrapeBox and use the WHOIS lookup tool to find the contact information for the domain owner and reach out asking they provide a link to your site for fair use of your image.

“Haters gonna hate… Scrapers gonna Scrape…”

As I mentioned at the start of this post there are lots of other great uses for ScrapeBox such as this article on ScrapeBox Keyword Research and also some additional ScrapeBox Tricks and Tips by Dan Bochichio.

If you have any more Scrapebox tips and tricks drop them in the comments below.

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44 Responses to How to use Scrapebox for Link Building not Spamming

  1. David says:

    Excellent post. I’m glad to see you highlighting a positive use for Scrapebox. I’d enjoy seeing similar posts in the future about ways us Inbound Marketers can use Scrapebox for good.

    • Chris says:

      Thanks for the comment David. I hope to keep adding to this post and hopefully a few more SEO’s will contribute to the comments too.

  2. 011100110110010 says:

    The funny thing is you see plenty of automated SEO tools that are ok to use because they don’t do link building. If it’s used for link building it is seen as black hat and negative.

    Let them keep thinking that 🙂

  3. Cash KingZ says:

    yep and thats just 1 technique you can use. Just because scrapebox autoposts and helps spammers doesn’t mean it isn’t powerful for whitehat links too!

  4. Mike Belasco says:

    Thanks for the good advice Chris. I was starting to feel like I needed to take a shower after reading what most others are doing with Scrapebox (LOL). This is some solid actionable advice.

  5. Wally says:

    Great post. I bought Scrapebox a while back and just started messing with it today. After a tiny amount of spamming and then using it for 100% white hat SEO, I love it for the white hat a lot more.

    You can use this thing to get some killer backlinks if you just spend 2 minutes writing a real post….but what would the internet be if everybody used it for that.

    • Paul Knekk says:

      @Wally “tiny bit of spamming”….read that as I hammered this AA list I bought off of blackhatworld so hard I sandboxed my site, now I’m trying to figure out how to use it smart.

  6. Arsham Mirshah says:

    Chris, this is a straight up awesome idea.. thanks for sharing.

    I’ve used scrapebox to find URLs in a niche, then search the sites for broken links, then contact the webmaster telling them about the broken links and other resources (my sites) they should link to while they’re in there… works pretty nice.. especially if your content is good 🙂

    • Chris says:

      Arsham Thanks for stopping by!

      I agree Scrapebox is a great tool for sourcing sites and then looking for Broken links on them. What are your favourite tools you use to look for Broken links on a site?

  7. Great tips, glad to see another Scrapebox fan. I couldn’t live without it.

    It’s also great for local seo by finding competitors citation sources (input their NAP as keywords
    and finding sites with canonicalisation issues
    (“inurl:index.htm” or “inurl:default.aspx etc.)

  8. James Boyd says:

    I’ve heard a lot of good reviews about Scrapebox. However, to really appreciate and experience its power is not to use it for spamming. I have yet to own a license and with this post, I think I’m quite ready to buy one. Great post!

  9. Hawaii's First says:

    This is an freaking fantastic idea – thanks for the article – probably would have never thought about this myself.

  10. hich says:

    thaks for your best article

  11. Matthew says:

    Are there real SEO’s out there that have a negative view of scrapebox? Talk about naive. It’s literally the swiss-army-knife of any campaign. Who has time to do every by hand? I’ll tell you who, people who don’t rank sh*t.

  12. Fernando says:

    I am here trying to help you to the seller’s scrapeboxe activate my product. I made the purchase of the product and so far it has not been active, I sent numerous emails to [email protected] and spi ignored …. I leave here my email. fernando.guedes @ tale with the help and understanding.

  13. Kulwant Nagi says:

    This was the perfect guide for me. I am very new and just bought scrapebox few days back and I am putting more of my time to learn how to use it as white hat.

    Thanks for adding good value.

  14. Joshua_trot says:

    thanks for sharing a detailed view on scrape box really helpful

  15. Etinifni Creation says:

    Scrapebox is awesome, no competition out there.

  16. wassgha says:

    Can you please review my new private/anonymous social network where you can ask, post or comment anonymously.

  17. Sarah A says:

    This is actually a pretty good method. I guess it just depends on the heart of the webmasters you contact!

    Cheers Chris

  18. Helge Sverre says:

    Scrapebox is good, I mostly use it for the Scraper, PR checker and Indexer

  19. Zhao Linda says:

    I always consider Scrapebox as black hat tool, maybe it can be very helpful. I will buy it and promote my website:

  20. Bryan Perez says:

    We just got Scrapebox and are still searching for creative ways to use it. This article was great. Neil Patel’s article at Quicksprout is also really good. Thanks for the ideas Chris. Hoping it works wonders for us at

  21. shzad1 says:

    Thanks for these techniques. I have got PR5 for one of my blog using scrapebox.

  22. Tahseen says:

    Well i am having a PR 4 site just because of your help by using scrapebox

  23. Tahseen says:

    Well i am having a good site site just because of your help by using scrapebox

  24. Dave Zegers says:

    Sorry but io would never want to have a link from a “former” website site with a mallware history, that is the same thing as gettiobhg links from old porn sites and suchm, not good for your site

  25. Jamie Costello says:

    Great Blog Post thanks for sharing

  26. Well Wisher says:

    I agree Scrapebox is a great tool for sourcing sites and then looking for Broken links on them.

  27. shaad baad says:

    Thanks buddy, Cheers.

  28. Customer Care Numbers says:

    awesome post,this is very supportive.

  29. Thanks for the tutorial, even better than crappy Youtube instructions I would say.. Old article but still helps! Cheers!

  30. Indeed ,lovely insight for Scrapebox.Thanks for Sharing/

  31. Cycle2work says:

    Despite all the rumors scrapebox is surely a great tool for sourcing sites.
    Thanks for sharing views.

  32. Giraffe Value says:

    hey it’s scrapebox still working well on Google? I’m new on this. I bought 10 private proxy and tried harvesting it but there is no result, but with only errors. I’m pretty sure the IP got banned.

    So I wonder SB still working well? If yes how should I go about it.

    Thanks, I wanted to check with you before asking for refund.

  33. Akshat Verma says:

    great tool really. can provide a tutorial on comment posting feature of scrapebox.

  34. mimranyameen says:

    don’t forget that quite a lot of blogs require admin moderation for comments so don’t expect them to turn up straightaway. Also if you comments look spammy on not relevant then they will never get approved.

  35. remy55 says:

    You can upload multiple urls and and a list of comments so that every time it would be a different comment. This way it wont look like a spam.

  36. in last section about image scrapping, it only provide info details about site owners right, but what if site owner have privacy protection, and even if we contact them, they never reply, then it useless right.?

  37. Owomide Martins says:

    I agree Scrapebox is a great tool for sourcing sites and then looking for Broken links on them as I onced used it on https://penmyemotions,com a Health and Lifestyle blog

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