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It’s quite interesting how many questions I see getting asked on Twitter by SEO’s every week about what tool is best for scraping Google images or checking if links are still live or searching for guest blog opportunities and invariably my answer to them is ScrapeBox… ZOMG! That’s right I recommend they use ScrapeBox.

I have been using ScrapeBox for a while now and no not in the well known spammy way of mass commenting on “open” blog platforms such as WordPress and Typepad. Believe it or not I wrote a blog post a few months ago about a technique I use for outreach that’s part of the ScrapeBox toolset.

In this blog post I’m going to cover off a couple of other tasks I like to use ScrapeBox for when I am carrying out my day to day role, and hopefully I can show you some great ways to save time and speed up those monotonous processes.  There are a lot of extra applications for ScrapeBox and I am going to leave it to your own judgment as to the ethical use of this tool.

How to find Blogs to Guest Post on using ScrapeBox

I know guest blogging has been getting a lot of stick recently and quite rightly so. Some link builders have been really abusing this great tactic over the past few months; but I am sure you won’t be doing that will you now.

In this guide I am going to run through some screenshots so you can see how easy it is to use. I hope you are pretty up to speed with your advanced Google search operators, because you’re going to be dusting them off once you get your hands on ScrapeBox.

In this guide I am suggesting ways to find guest post prospects but you could just as easily use this method to find blogs to place infographics, videos or whatever other outreach projects you are working on.

  1. You want to add in your main keyword in this case I am looking for SEO blogs to write for
  2. You select “Custom Footprint” and add in your different footprints
  3. Select the search engine(s) you want to scrape e.g. Bing, Google, Yahoo
  4. Click the “start harvesting” button and go grab a fresh cup of coffee
  5. Once you have finished harvesting your URL’s you want to remove the duplicates (and you can also use ScrapeBox to lookup the PageRank of the domain)
  6. You then want to export the list into a CSV file
  7. I then like to do some basic prospecting to qualify my targets e.g. Web Design, PageRank or mozRank, RSS Subscribers, Social Media presence

I am not going to cover off best practises on pitching your guest posts in this article but if you want some good pointers on outreach I suggest you read my blogger outreach interview .

How to use ScrapeBox to Check for Broken Links

Another ScrapeBox tool you will find quite handy is the bulk URL check, especially if you have a big list of URL’s to check on a regular basis.

Oh and did I mention, you don’t even need to buy a license for this tool it’s completely free!

All you have to do is open the tool and then import a list of links you want to check in one text file. Now upload another text file you want to add in your URL’s. There are two options here you can either check a link to a specific URL is live or just check a link to the domain is live. It only takes a few minutes to check your list and then you can export the failed links and check with the webmaster to see why it may have been removed.

How to use ScrapeBox to Scrape Google Image Search

Do you suffer from your images being stolen by webmasters without attribution?  Well you can use Scrapebox to search Google for your image and then return the URL’s. The best way to do this is to make sure your image file names contain a set of random letters and numbers that will make it easy for you to find them e.g. dog-photo-xc345.jpg

You can then do a quick Google image search with ScrapeBox for “dog-photo-xc345.jpg” and the URL’s will be revealed. I would then personally load this list into ScrapeBox and use the WHOIS lookup tool to find the contact information for the domain owner and reach out asking they provide a link to your site for fair use of your image.

“Haters gonna hate… Scrapers gonna Scrape…”

As I mentioned at the start of this post there are lots of other great uses for ScrapeBox such as this article on ScrapeBox Keyword Research and also some additional ScrapeBox Tricks and Tips by Dan Bochichio.

I hope I have shown you some more great ways to use this tool and I look forward to your comments.


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  • Dan Bochichio

    Good post Chris. I’m glad to see more posts in the recent times (within the last year really) showing off the positive uses of Scrapebox.

    I’m still looking for new, advanced ways to use Scrapebox in some of my downtime (which is so rare these days).

    I’ve been using Scrapebox’s learning mode to teach it things. So far it’s not going so well but I expect to be able to do some awesome things with this once I figure it all out.

    Also, question! Where are you getting your proxies from? I use to pay $30/mo for high speed private proxies but I’ve since cut that expense out. The success rate and speed was much quicker than the public proxies that Scrapebox harvests.

  • Chris Dyson

    I’ve used Squidproxies & sharedproxies. Believe it or not for light use there’s some gigs on Fiverr which are ok.

    I’m well aware there’s going to be more creative ways to use SB but I’ve not seen many that well documented.

    I look forward to hearing more about your “learning mode” experiments too.

  • Zeph Snapp

    I heart scrapebox. The technology itself is excellent. It is up to you whether you use it for good or for evil. Unfortunately too many people take the easy way out at turn to the darkside.

    We already use it to find guestposting opportunities, but the broken links point is excellent!

    • Chris Dyson

      Thanks Zeph, are there any other ways you guys use Scrapebox?

  • Vin Pen

    I wonder what Google thinks about using this software. How can you are not afraid you’ll get penalized for doing this?

    • RootsWebSol

      Hi Vin,

      What do you mean? I’m not using this tool to build links?

      • Vin Pen

        I’m just starting to learn how to improve my online store SEO. There are thousands of blog posts on how to use Scrapebox, but it seems to me it’ll be punished by the Big Brother any day soon. The is no way Google is unaware of the variable use of this tool. There are ‘footprints’ all over the net and the day will come those who used it to enter the ‘dark’ zone get penalized … Just a thought

        • RootsWebSol

          I see but all I use this tool for is scraping the search results from Google and not leaving any links/footprints behind…

          • Vin Pen

            Isn’t it hard to resist the desire to ‘put it all in’ ? :)

  • micheal mcallum

    seems really helpful for making SEO effort count

  • wordpress rochester

    Nice post……….

  • Lone_Traveler

    Hi, i just want to know if there´s a way to get google Local/Global SR right from SB? thanks!!

  • Spook SEO

    Hi Chris,

    Scrapebox is a great tool. I’ve been using this before but when Google made successive algorithm updates targeting actions that mass produced links, some of the techniques became doubtful. Anyway, just like what you’ve said, Haters gonna hate and scrapers gonna scrape. Just make sure you are in Google’s side when you do SEO. It’s better to be safe than force something that might ruin all the year’s hard work.