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For the past couple of weeks I have had the opportunity to play around with Matthew Woodward’s new free software Rank Cracker.  Over the past year or so Matthew has built up a very popular blog in the internet marketing space and has now decided to release his own piece of software.

What is Rank Cracker?

Rank Cracker allows you to discover what link building tactics your competitors are using to dominate the SERP’s and keep you locked out. In principle this is a gray hat SEO tool as it allows you to find automated link building footprints which you can replicate however there are some “white hat” uses for the tool too.  It is very easy to use, even for novices to pick up.

#1. Download your Link Data

To begin with you will need to download as much link data as possible for your competitors, personally I use ahrefs however you can use whichever tool you like.


As this is a bulk exercise it might be worth using a VA to download all the different competitor links for you.

#2. Analyse your Competitor Links

Initially you will want to set up Rank Cracker for its first deployment.

Set the number of threads you want to use, obviously the more you use the quicker your results will return however your machine may be out of action if you select a higher number until the processes are finalised.


Choose your CSV delimiter i.e “,” if you are in the UK/US and “;” if you are in Europe.

Next you want to put a check against any automated link building tools you already own.

  • SeNukeXCR
  • Magic Submitter
  • UltimateDemon

#3. Running the Analysis

Simply paste in the list of your competitor urls into the left hand box and then hit the start button.


Now Rank Cracker will do its job and go looking for common link building footprints that may have been used including Article Directories and social bookmarking sites such as:

  • ArticleBeach
  • Pligg
  • PHPFox

After a while the results field on the right hand side will begin to populate and categorise the links based on the link building software you selected earlier in your settings page.

You simply then export the csv file in the format you chose earlier and load those into your link building tools.

#4. Other Links

If Rank Cracker can’t work out which automated link building tool for a specific link it will look up the contact information for the site in question.

If you are planning on carrying out a guest post or resource page campaign you can load the list of links into Rank Cracker and it will locate the contact us page and/or email for the site.
image006You could  use this element of the tool for link removals if you had a large list of sites to go through.


I can definitely see myself using Rank Cracker for a few of my personal projects, after all when entering a new vertical it can take a while to work out the lay of the land and determine what is and what isn’t working in a particular niche.

Rank Cracker will help you find out how much automated link building is already going on in a given vertical and give you some useful competitive intelligence. While the contact look up tool is useful I personally already have a number of other tools to carry this work out so I can’t see myself using Rank Cracker for this process but I can definitely see the benefits.

Try RankCracker for Free and find out for yourself…

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  • jagmohan singh negi

    hi chris…….nice post but don’t think that rank checker option is good for any website, if you are really serious about your site.they offer these tools just to know your site information.and it can be harmful for you and for your website.Google analytics report is sufficient to know how your site is working { performance}