Avoid these Outreach Myths


Many people are fearful of outreach link building work and having the door slammed hard in their face, but we all know a well executed outreach campaign can have a great return on investment. There is a lot of misinformation in the blogosphere and hopefully in this short post I can dispel some of the myths I often read online.

  1. You must have a Pre-exisiting Relationship – a lot of link building posts advise that you must do some form of networking with your link prospect first. And the “cold-pitch” is the worst thing you can ever do in your career.  I am a firm believer that relationships certainly increase the likelihood of your link being placed but a great pitch will always beat some tepid relationship. Personalisation is the key to a good pitch so take some time to find out some basic information.

  3. You have to pay to play – you don’t always have to pay or offer payment in kind for your site or product to be featured. Beyond the fact Google don’t like paid links, the FTC requires bloggers and celebrities to disclose of payments received for endorsing a product online. It’s very important as a link builder to understand the difference between editorial content & advertorials. My belief is that outreach is more about PR than paid media.

  5. Content is King – don’t get me wrong I am bit by the content bug & understand the power of of a well executed piece of content in marketing your business online; but let’s be honest content is only another piece of currency for your outreach campaign, whether that’s a video, infographic or guest post. To take your outreach to the next level make the blogger you are pitching to the king. Think about what they want to get out of the partnership; not just the content you’re hoping to put in their way. I have found exclusive interviews & give-aways are popular with bloggers

  7. All Hail the Mommy Blogger – so many link builders and outreach professionals praise at the foot of the “mommy blogger” temple, but the thing is the “mommy blogger” is actually a mythical creature much like a Unicorn. Lots of people see “mommy bloggers” as a “link cash cow” as their lifestyle blogs often cover a wide variety of topics and categories from iPad apps to food to home furnishings and clothes. It’s quite common for “mommy bloggers” to want some form of payment for their work and I have found more success with bloggers who have a long tail lower ranked niche blog and have never been kissed by an agency.


There you go I promised it would be a short post, but I hope it has gone some way to putting to bed a few of the outreach myths that we see so often on other SEO blogs. I would love to hear your feedback in the comments.

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