Breaking the Curse of the Non-Responsive Mommy Blogger


Within the first two weeks of my content writing career, it became very clear to me that mommy bloggers are not well liked among link builders. They have the rather unsavory reputation of being egotistical, money hungry and hard to connect with on a personal level. And getting a response to your outreach? Forget about it!

With the slow link-building months creeping up on us (as if winter weren’t bad enough already), it’s almost not worth wasting the time on outreach to mom bloggers when it seems as if it’s doomed to fail. But what’s really happening here? Why are these crafty moms throwing our work back in our face?

Well my friends, if Bill Clinton were here, he’d say “It’s the outreach, stupid!”

I could write an entire article on effective outreach strategies, but my co-worker Andrew already beat me to the punch. When outreaching to mommy bloggers, I can’t stress this enough: Every email needs to be completely personalized!

It’s easy to copy and paste a form email and send it out to a massive amount of sites, but you’ll find that the ol’ “spray and pray” strategy doesn’t work well with this particular set of site owners. A few carefully thought out and well written emails will get you much further.

It’s also a good idea to take the time to follow your target on social media sites and comment on her blog posts before sending an email. This will cause her to associate your name with good things. She will count you as a member of her community rather than an outsider — as such, she’s more likely to want to work with you.

Before I started writing at Page One Power, I made my living as a graphic designer and my clientele was almost exclusively mommy bloggers. Think of me as a mommy blogger tamer. Or a mommy blog whisperer. Whatever works for ya. The point is: I can speak their language.

Since I’m so damn nice, I’m going to share my super-secret strategies for successful mom blog link building.

What to Include in Your Initial Email

First impressions are everything! When I’m writing my initial outreach email to a mom blogger, I always include the following information:

  • Her Name:

Take the time to look around for her name. If you’re having trouble finding it, check her “about” page, social media sites or look for a signature at the end of her posts. It is amazing how much being called by name means to a site owner. It’s the first step in making that all important personal connection.

  • How I Found Her Site:

This is one of those instances where I sometimes have to fudge the facts a little. I usually find sites using search strings, but I will often tell mommy bloggers that I found them via Pinterest or while searching for recipes or product reviews (which is not always untrue). They like to know that their sites are visible and their social media strategies are working.

  • Commentary on a Post:

I like to take a moment to acknowledge something she’s written, whether it be a personal story or a review on shampoo. Taking the time to let her know that you appreciate something she saw as important enough to write about will get you miles ahead.

  • Who I Am and Who I’m Representing:

Mommy bloggers are solicited by link builders every day. They can sniff you out like a hound with the scent of blood, so don’t bother burying the lead. Tell them your name (or pseudonym), who you’re working for and exactly what you want (guest post, blogroll link, etc.). If they’re going to turn you down or ask for money, it’s better to get it out of the way before you put in too much work.

  • What I Can do for Them:

It’s an unfortunate part of society today, but no one wants to give anything without getting something in return. As a writer, I can offer webmasters great content as well as sharing their blog across social media sites such as Twitter and Google+.

You Catch More Flies With Honey…

Here’s where I’m going to share my patented mommy blogger trade secret. Compliments will get you everywhere. The compliment can be big, like “Your writing style really strikes a chord in me. I feel like you really speak to the common woman,” or little, like “Your hair is freaking gorgeous, I’m super jealous!”  Either way, you will endear yourself to the mom in question and hopefully receive a positive response. You can apply these tools on bloggers in the craft, pet, beauty and fashion niches as well!

Don’t dismiss these women as not being worth your time. A strong relationship can be a huge resource, as most mom bloggers are part of large communities where word of mouth is as good as gold. Once you have your foot in the door, you can really go places.

What’s helped you when outreaching to mommy bloggers? Share your tips in the comments below!


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  • Dustin Verburg

    I was at that mummy rock show, and let me tell you that it was so crazy that I almost came unraveled!

  • todd3773

    Some very actionable advice for outreaching to mommy bloggers, thank you!