Link Removal Canned Responses

After you have spent what seems like an eternity tracking down contact information, sending numerous emails, follow ups and contact form messages to website owners asking them politely to remove links you soon find that the same types of responses keep coming back time and time again.

Of course replying to each email individually will soon become time consuming so below are some canned email responses you are welcome to use in your next campaign(*).

When they offer to sell you more directory links


When they claim their directory is manually curated and highly trusted 


When they auto respond with a Paypal Invoice for $300


When they send a rant accusing you of building the links


Of course as a website owner you might receive some not so pleasant requests especially from people saying your rankings will drop if they disavow your website or even threaten to sue you… so here’s a canned response you can send to those clowns.

Any way let’s play nice folks – I’ve got 500 476 more websites to get through!

*Chris Dyson and accepts no responsibility for any hurt feelings, physical injury or death caused by using this canned responses.

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6 Responses to Link Removal Canned Responses

  1. Benjamin Beck says:

    Hang in there Chris! Link clean up is horrible.

    This reminds me of EveryWhereIst’s replies to crappy guest post requests! I hope you really do this and take screen shots of their responses!

  2. David Iwanow says:

    I like the responses from the unique and high quality directory owners, sorry can you be a bit more specific as I have several hundred similar high quality directories I run….

  3. Gene Eugenio says:

    Those responses asking for ‘link removal’ fees are hilarious. Not exactly an invoice response but still LOL-inducing.

  4. James Norquay says:

    I love the ones where they totally blow up and send you a massive rant back “YOU BUILD THE LINK, then you threaten me with a EMAIL to REMOVE how dare you you SEO Spammer SCUM, BLAH BLAH BLAH” have seem this type of reply a few times always good fun and a laugh…

    Payment ones are also funny when they send you a link to the paypal invoice – Hello SIR please see our paypal invoice for $50. Please advise when payment is made. Usually reply is no problem we added your site to the disavow.

  5. After many many many similar responses (or rather mostly no responses), I’ve pretty much stopped contacting webmasters. Honestly, I’ve had amazing success just skipping straight to disavowing the domains.

    The only time I would consider putting in the extra manual effort to email is when I am confident they will respond and its a major linking issue (sitewide link with keyword anchor text).

  6. JonahorJosh says:

    I don’t respond to link removal requests. My hourly rate is $125/hr. If I was to perform the tasks requested it would only be after being paid for one hours work. But, since I would never pay $125 to remove a link myself, I do not bother to send an invoice or explain. I just delete the email. If the link in question seems inappropriate and I happen to actually read the email and its in mostly english and has an actual link to the page that concerns them I may end up deleting the page anyway as I simply have no desire to host poor content.

    *I run many sites that are monetized through adshare and have a selective authorship base, but issues do occur across the many thousands of published pages. None would be considered “directory sites” – but I have discovered previously trusted users attempting to supplement income by utilizing paid text link services, most offer about $20-$35 for a non front page position on these sites.

    But, that being said, Im not sure why anyone business person thinks “politely asking” is going to interrupt my daily life – usually paying an invoice is the only way to ensure that .. or are you sending that removal request out of the kindness of your heart?

    I may have a unique perspective -as I own many sites of varying quality (some passion projects, some given up on, some never started, some experiments, some successful brands, some successful businesses .. I enjoy building sites)that give me a small passive income, but stepped away a few years ago to work as an agency SEO Manager. I am on both sides of the “fight”.

    But, my clients never previously engaged in paid link schemes, so link removal requests are not part of my day to day. Im usually “lucky” enough to work from a nearly blank slate with a focus on new content strategies/conversion tweaks etc … link removal request would be quite boring, I think.

    In short, if your client is paying you to send removal requests, you should be expecting to pay for someone else to read and act on them. .. or just skip straight to the disavow

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