Link Builder Awareness Day 2012 #lbad

Today, August 31st 2012 marks the first inaugural Link Builder Awareness Day.

Many of you may question why we are taking a whole day to mark this event but over the past 6 months our Link Building buddies have had it tougher than ever. What worked only a few months ago is no longer working today and/or even damaging a website’s visibility in the search results.

None of this is a surprise; Google is always making changes to their super secret algorithm in an effort to display ever more relevant content. After all one of the key goal’s of Google search is to always focus on the end user experience, so if crappy thin affiliate sites are ranking for various keywords it just makes Google look bad for allowing them to rank in the first place.

No matter how good your website about home security systems is, no one cares enough about what you’re writing to link to you.  The same can be said for millions of other niche topics that we as SEO’s will ever get the opportunity to be asked to work on. Most link building experts agree that it is not solely about link building anymore, at least not in the original sense. It is more about creating compelling content for businesses and then reaching out to bloggers.

For at least the next 10 years we’ll continue to see updates to the Google algorithm and every would be search marketer link baiter will continue to write the about the “death of SEO”, but what will continue to be amongst the most important ranking factors will be the number and quality of links pointing to your web pages.

As marketers we all know it’s not just the quality of the product, but the actual marketing behind it.

Key facts:

Sean R recently did a quick survey on Twitter to find out what Link builders thought about their roles in 2012.

  • 92% of link builders surveyed think their jobs have got tougher in the past 12-18 months
  • About 30% have had an increase in pay to reflect their new difficult work load
  • Just one third of link builders have had additional training to carry out content led work
  • 3/4 of link builders surveyed are actively looking for new jobs

No matter what the future holds – Google still has to collect and rely on external information to determine rankings. Everyone understands the importance of links and even Mr. Cutts hasn’t written off their importance just yet.

So, today be sure to show your appreciation to your link building team; buy them some donuts and go give them a big group hug.

Happy Link Builder Awareness Day!!

Easy Link Opportunity:

If you have any pictures of your Link Building Team celebrating #lbad2012 or you write a post about celebrating #lbad be sure to contact me or leave a comment and I’ll be happy to link out to it.

Thanks to SEO-Empire for Supporting LBAD 2012

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    Link building is not as much easy as it seems because it need a lot of research , planning , competitor analysis and much more. With the passage of time a lot of factors cause their impact on link building techniques and link builder awareness day is to remember all the wonderful things and memories regarding link building experiences.