How I Picked up a PR4 domain for $12 Thanks to Buzzstream

This is a quick short tip using a free tool to help you scale your link building.

You’ve most likely heard of Buzzstream (right?) well as you know they have a nice set of free link building tools as well as an excellent paid outreach tool.

So how exactly do you find an expired domain with Buzzstream?

Step 0. Have a list of domains in your target niche, you can build this from competitor links or with something like Scrapebox

Step 1. Load a list of blogs in your target niche into the Buzzstream blogroll list builder
Within no time at all Buzzstream has extracted all the links from the blogrolls


Now click the little “+” icon next to the domains and it will then add the blogrolls from these domains to your list.


Step 2. Use Check my Links or Domain Hunter Plus on the Page


To learn how to use DHP check this review

Alternatively download the list & use Screaming Frog to crawl it.

Step 3. Find any 404’s & check them out – the last thing you want to do is waste good money on a dropped spam domain


Check the PR/DA
Is the PR Fake?
Check the # and quality of LRDs

Step 4. Go to your Domain Registrar of choice and snap up the dropped domain


In my experience you will find that Google resets the Toolbar PageRank of domain names when they are deleted from the registry, however if you build out the site with some fresh content and a build some new links it’s not a problem.

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5 Responses to How I Picked up a PR4 domain for $12 Thanks to Buzzstream

  1. James Norquay says:

    This is a good tutorial but the thing is most of the very good dropped domains will be picked up seconds after they are dropped by the registrar.
    An easier way to get higher quality dropped domains is just feed the list of dropped domains by market each day via an API (Dropped domain auction sites for example) some people have already done this with the SEOmoz API. So each day you get a report of all the dropped domains which have domain authority above 35 for example. Then you need to look at the drop sales sites which are offering these domains. Any good dropped domain which has an extensive link profile of generic non spammy links, or any thing which is non trademarked will attract bidders from all over. Personally I have been testing the whole dropped domains thing for a long time its not as easy as it was a few years ago. But that been said if you research like crazy you can get some good buys it is just takes time. I mean I am in SEO yet I also do a fair bit in the domain name market.

  2. Spook SEO says:

    Great post. Buzzstream is truly invaluable. I can’t imagine doing my backlinking tasks without it.

  3. snhostsn says:

    A good friend of mine (cough cough) uses the wayback machine to scrape as much of the old content as possible and mirrors the page hierarchy. Not only does the PR remain, but you also get almost all of the old website’s rankings back if you do it right. Don’t tell anyone though.

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