Cyber Monday Deals for SEOs and Affiliate Marketers 2015

There are a lot of Cyber Monday deals to be had this week on SEO and online marketing tools so I’ve compiled a list of a few of my favourites. If you are on the look out for some new tools to add to your marketing tool kit then look no further…

Happy Bargain Hunting!

URL Profiler* –  Patrick has set-up an exclusive offer for you all to get a 30% discount off URL Profiler with the coupon code BF30 which is valid until November 30th, you can read my review of URL Profiler.

WordAI* have a huge 50% discount on offer –  you can grab a copy of this awesome article rewriter for just $297, no coupon needed.

Long Tail Pro* – From November 27th – 30thLong Tail Pro will be $50 off, making the price just $47. Lifetime Long Tail Platinum will be $100 off, selling for $297. Long Tail Pro lets you find 800+ keywords from one seed word, as well as any available domain names and for just $17p/m there are a whole load more features such as the ability to bulk check 10,000 keywords at a time and get the SERP competitiveness score which works well in combination with Keyword Snatcher*.

SEMRush Pro* Get 50% off SEMrush Pro for the first month for new customers November 27th – 30th. This tool is invaluable when it comes to researching your competitor’s organic and paid search keywords and strategies.

Ninja Outreach – a blogger outreach software perfect for influencer marketing. Empower your PR team to find and outreach to bloggers. Get 30% off for life on Ninja Outreach.* – For only $297 you get an entire YEAR long subscription giving you full access to the forum, tools and training without any monthly fees. The deal is pretty insane, if you jump on it you’ll save over $450 on your BHS membership.

OptinMonster * – if you are looking for a great new optin box to capture all of your visitors email addresses then you’ll get 35% off at checkout on OptinMonster if use the coupon code BF2015.

Accuranker – are offering a staggering 75% off on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. These offers are only available on Black Friday (27th of November) and Cyber Monday (30thof November) – not for the full weekend – so don’t miss out. For Black Friday: enter code BF75OFF at the checkout. For Cyber Monday the code will be CM75OFF.

Advanced Web Ranking* – are back with their Black Friday offers again. Get 20% off AWR cloud and 50% off the desktop tool. – Loganix is a premium citation and link building service. Improve your local, or organic ranking with their one of a kind service. They are offering Black Friday coupons on four of their premium services:

  • Loganix, Loganix+ and Social Citations, use coupon: BFCITATIONS (25% Discount)
  • Citation Cleanup Service, use coupon: BFCLEANUP (40% Discount)

WP Engine* – the team at WP Engine are giving a 30% discount off of their managed WordPress hosting if you use their coupon code CYBERWPE

Hostgator* – are offering 55-75% discounts on their hosting packages with prices starting at $1.98 per month for their shared hosting. Their shared hosting is great for small niche affiliate sites and service is quite reliable.

iClickandHost – This Thanksgiving you can transfer to iClickandHost’s web hosting service with a 15% discount for life! Use the coupon THANKS at checkout. The code is case sensitive and will expire November 29th.

SEO Powersuite* – $500 off the full SEO Powersuite package. Includes SEO Spyglass, Link Assistant and Rank Tracker.

Yoast SEO Premium – Save $20 on the popular Yoast SEO Premium plugin for WordPress! Price is already adjusted on site so no coupons needed.

Buzz Bundle* – Save up to 50% on Buzz Bundle was £159 now £79. If you are running lots of Social Media campaigns and watch a variety of forum profiles to monitor for mentions of your brand then this is the tool you need.

MyThemeShop – all of their themes and plugins are just $19, use coupon code TheMTSDeal until 1st December

Tesla Themes –  Offer:  50% OFF all WordPress Themes and Subscription Plans  Coupon Code:  50OFF  Valid from 26/11/2015 till 02/12/2015. 

Thirsty Affiliates – Cloak affiliate links and get organised with your affiliate marketing. ThirstyAffiliates will create pretty links from ugly affiliate links. Get 30% off this weekend.

Pretty Link Pro – Enjoy 10-20% off Pretty Link Pro between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, friends don’t let friends blog with uncloaked affiliate links.

iThemes Toolkit – “With the Toolkit, you get our entire library of plugins, themes and training
+ everything we release during your membership year for one amazing low price.” Offer: 50% OFF the WordPress Web Designer’s Toolkit (Entire Library of Themes, Plugins & Training) Coupon Code: SAVEBIG50  Valid from now until 30/11/2015. They are also offering 40% off site wide with coupon code:  JINGLEWP40  

99Robots – Get 50% off of all the products, including 22 WordPress plugins for publishers that help with lead generation, page peel advertising, interstitial overlays, content sharing, fancy quotes, author lists, tags, notification bars, and more using the code BLACKFRIDAY50. This deal expires Monday, November 30th at midnight EST.

Knowem – lets you to check for the use of your brand, product, personal name or username instantly on over 500 popular and emerging social media websites. There’s a 20% discount on their packages.

Udemy – whether you finally want to learn to code, get better at stats or improve your online marketing knowledge then there are some amazing deals on offer for Udemy training courses.

NameCheap – “Namecheap’s Annual Black Friday/Cyber Monday Super-Sale is almost here! This year, for two entire days — Nov. 27th and 30th — we’re laying out  $10 million worth of savings like a sumptuous holiday banquet. The discounts will be deep and the deals change hourly to keep you on your toes.”

LiquidWeb – Save up to 47% on dedicated servers, no more needed really is there.

Best of the Web – Get 50% off your directory listing on Best of the Web from now through December 6th using discount code CYBER50.

Feedly is one of the industry’s most popular feed (RSS) reader tools. They are offering 30% off your first year of Feedly Pro. Having Feedly pro allows you to integrate other apps like Buffer and Hootsuite to make your social scheduling easy.

WP Rocket – one of the best caching plugins for WordPress are celebrating by offering you 35% OFF all WP Rocket license upgrades!  If you were thinking about upgrading your licence, then now is the PERFECT TIME. All you have to do is use the coupon: BF2015  This sale is good through 11:59pm EST Monday November 30th.

Piktochart – They are offering 70% off their annual pro subscription, for creating amazing infographics, for 36 hours from November 29, 2015 12:00 PM EST until November 30, 2015 23:59 PM EST.

I will update this list as I find more offers – please feel free to contact me with offers you discover!

Some of these products include affiliate links, but they are all products I have used and recommend.

October 2015 Income Report

I wanted to publish an honest income report for this blog… after being inspired by Esteban’s journey

So without further a do here is what I made off of TripleSEO in October.




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PPS Click on the few affiliate links I have on this on this blog and buy some stuff. Christmas is coming and my kids have their mothers spending habits.



7 Hacks to Improve the Credibility, Reach and Stickiness of Your Content

7 hacks to improve

First of all I want to thank Chris for allowing me to post on TripleSEO – it’s a real honour. I’ve been a long-time fan and read his posts as one would a bible.

With so much content around it’s more important than ever to make sure your content stands out.

Improving the credibility of your content can help it go further and make it more memorable.

Here are a few simple hacks that shouldn’t take too long to implement and give your next content piece that little extra ‘umph’.

Use Canva is a great site where you can (for free) upload your image and spruce it up using many pre-made styles.

With a little experimentation you can create a great blog post cover image or create fancy section separators.
This makes your post stand out immediately and shows the extra time that went into creating it. I borrowed this one from Brian Dean.

The Lazy Quotes Method

The lazy option here is to take someone’s quote form their own website and stick inside of your content with a link to the author, their name and the quote itself.

Like the first point, it shows care to add extra detail, a bonus here is that if the author of the quote is popular on social media – he/she may share your content if you ask nicely (or if they actively listen for their mentions).
Don’t overdo it though – too many quotes and you’re basically curating content and Google may not give you any brownie points if most of your content is borrowed.

The Slightly Less Lazy Quotes Method

A slightly less lazy way is to do a bit of research and ask 2-3 experts in the field for short quotes exclusively for the article. This increases the chances of getting their attention post-launch. More importantly it adds credibility to your new piece of content.

Research & Statistics

Many articles don’t include any credible sources of information, only someone’s thoughts or collated snippets of information.

When you include some real statistics and data, something magical happens in the brain of the reader – they trust the whole article a whole lot more.

Don’t Give the hard sell

For many of you this point may sound obvious, but trust me, there are still those out there that try to sneak their sales agenda into every piece of content their brand publishes.

If you use “salesy language” it instantly lowers your reputation and trust and the chances of social shares and links diminish with every mention of ‘buy my stuff’.

Keep the language informative and focus on value to the reader, not on the features of your offering.

Don’t go text heavy

Use a lot of:
– bullet point lists
– short snippets of text
– punchy, straight to the point sentences

See how quick this was to digest? Avoid the ‘walls of text’, when content is broken down into easy to read chunks there are higher chances of someone even attempting to read it all.

Tell a story

Some writers are great at this and relate their content to their personal life, John Doherty is quite good at this, I find it really hard.

Whether it’s an infographic or an article, a natural flow and a storyline make consuming it better and increase chances of it spreading via social shares. I think it’s because English isn’t my first language. 

I’ve actually learned everything I know about SEO myself from the Internet, only then having a chance to work in an agency environment after a few years of grinding on my own.

I hope you find these tips helpful and employ some in the future content you or your agency outputs.
If you have any additional ideas in how to make the content more credible, please tweet at me or leave a comment.

How to Build an Online Business you can Sell

This is a guest post from Thomas Smale, the co-founder of the specialist website brokers FE International and serves as a great follow up to Lewis Ogden’s article on building an online business that can last.

Many online marketers that I speak to don’t seem to realise just how valuable their skills are or how they should be putting their skills to good use to make a great income online.

As a broker who specialises in helping to sell online businesses I wanted to offer some advice on how you could go about building a website that you could eventually sell. Having completed over 200 website sales, I’m in a good position to know what will sell easily and how a seller can improve the overall value and saleability of their website.


Invest time in Strategy and Planning

The success of your website stems from your initial planning and leg work. The websites that I have been able to sell for up to 7 figures are always built on a solid foundation as they have taken their time to understand the target market, built out customer personas, implemented a considered content strategy and have developed a strong monetisation method.

That’s not to say there aren’t people who have managed to fall into a niche with their eyes wide shut and make a success of it, but these are very rare situations. Continue reading

How To Build An Online Business That Will Last

It’s quite rare for me to publish a guest post on my blog.

I got chatting to Lewis Ogden a couple of months back after he published an epic post for Matthew Woodward on his methods for finding new money making niches. It was a really solid post and I recommend you take a few minutes to read it some time soon.

So I decided to invite Lewis to share his thoughts on building an online business.

Over to you Lewis…

If you paid any attention to Google and SEO over the last 6 months of 2013, you would have witnessed a tidal wave of angry people, complaining about how Google screwed their business. Whilst sad that these people have lost a lot, and in some cases everything, they really should have been asking themselves these 3 questions;

  1. Does my business/website rely solely on Google?
  2. Do I deserve to rank #1 for this keyword?
  3. Is my website built for the user or search engines?

By answering these 3 questions honestly, you can quickly determine if you have a website that will stand the test of time, or will succumb to an Algorithm update 6 months or even 2 years from now.

Here are ten guidelines to follow to ensure any business you start in 2014 is one for the future.

1) User Experience over SEO

user experienceThere is more and more emphasis being placed on user engagement in the ranking factors.

Bounce rate, time on site, CTR all play a part in your overall SERP position and how Google see’s your site. Gone are the days of micro niche sites, 5 pages of crappy content plastered with affiliate links.

Today is the day for awesome content, engaging video and captivating images. Your site structure should make navigation a breeze for the user, it should not look like a maze of “silo links” designed to control link juice.

Your site speed is even more critical now than it ever was, you have less than a second to capture your readers eye, anymore than that and they are gone, never to return again. If your site loads like in the blink of an eye, you bounce rate will drop…simple.

Your content is the foundation of your business, not how may backlinks you have.

If your content is built for the reader, is helpful and provides what they are looking for, they will tell others.

If however, your content looks like a robot wrote it with, keywords bolded and italicized all over the place, you have no business. You have a game of cat and mouse…and guess who the cat is?

Continue reading