How to Build a Niche Site

Make a passive income, it’s the internet dream, have a handful of niche sites that are monetized to the hilt so that you can sit around on the beach and count your affiliate commission checks?


If you are anything like most people trying to make a full time living on the internet, the thought has probably crossed your mind at least once, if not hundreds of times. But for everyone person who has hit the big time there are hundreds who are no where near or have never even started.

I hope you enjoy my how to build a niche site guide.

Niche Site Mindset

As much as I can give you tools and guides to help you on your path to bringing in a steady passive income from your niche sites a lot of it comes down to the right mindset.

Quite a lot of people approach niche sites with the idea of gaming Google for traffic or tricking their audience into buying stuff with reviews of products or services they have not tried themselves.

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” – Aristotle

What separates the average niche site affiliates from the big time? I’ve seen a lot of guys in the past few years have their one-hits and then disappear from the industry. One thing people don’t talk enough about are the mindsets and daily habits needed to be effective.

I hear a lot of would be niche site marketers saying that the golden age is gone and that it’s impossible to make money online any more… bullsh*t!

The past doesn’t matter. Wishing you started earlier is wasted energy and you’re already giving yourself an excuse in case you fail. If you truly want something, there’s no plan B.


Below are a bunch of articles, tools and guides that I have either written, curated or used over the past 9 years online. I will be keeping this page up to date and you can contact me if you have any questions, recommendations or suggestions.

How to Make a Website: Learn how to build a website from scratch using WordPress and BlueHost.

Tools to Scale SEO Processes: being a niche site owner time is limited to carry out tasks, especially if you have a business or full time job. Here are a few tools I use for speeding up my SEO campaigns with tools that monitor backlinks or speed up keyword research such as Keyword Snatcher.

Nick Eubanks Book on Keyword Research*: there are lots of articles out there on keyword research but Nick’s ebook for $37 is the best I have ever come across. Not only that but Nick is regularly updating it with news tips and tools.

How to setup WordPress for SEO Success: not only is WordPress a great platform to build websites upon it isn’t setup for SEO success straight out of the box. With a little time and a bit of patience you can easily begin to optimise your own WordPress site.

My Niche Site Content Strategy: in this post I outlined my personal niche site content strategy. The questions I think about, how I profile my audience and what types of media I will use for the site.

Guest Blogging for Authority and Links: once you have laid out your content strategy, built the site and begun to create content it is time to get some links. This post is a useful guide to guest blogging for people who have little to no experience with this tactic.

Building Links with Blogger Outreach: in this group interview with link builders, guest bloggers and online PR strategists you will find a lot of great tips to improve your link building campaigns and outreach.

Link Building for Affiliate Websites: Venchito Tampon gives you a host of ways in which affiliate marketers can create content and find link building opportunities that will get them the links they need to rank in competitive niches.

How to be more Persuasive when Link Building: this huge guide was mainly written with link builders in mind however the 6 principles of persuasion have applications in any areas of marketing and business, from conversion rate optimisation to persuading your boss to give you that promotion.

Relationship Building =! Link Building: a lot of SEO blogs preach that you must spend hours and hours building relationships with webmasters before asking for a link. Don’t listen to them, put your link building on steroids and scale your processes.

How to Find Blog Contact Detailswhether you decide to build links yourself our outsource parts of the process to a VA one of the trickiest elements you will find is looking for the bloggers contact details.

Newsjacking for Links:Newsjacking is the art and science of injecting your ideas into a breaking news story and generating tons of media coverage, traffic and high authority links to your niche site.

Quick and Easy UX Tips for Marketers: here are seven UX tips you can implement today to improve engagement and make sure that your audience have a positive experience.

Free SEO and Social Media Tools: a curated list of free SEO and Social Media tools you can use for Keyword Research, Link Building and Traffic Generation for your niche site.

Build a Website Guide: an easy to follow tutorial for building a website with WordPress.

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