5 Mind-Numbingly Boring SEO Processes You Absolutely Must Outsource

This is not an SEO blog post.

As a follower of, in my opinion one of the most direct and hard-hitting SEO blogs around today, I am assuming that you know how to do the basics.

In fact, you probably know the basics better than I do…

By I would still argue that some of my SEO results match or even surpass yours.

How? I hear you cry…

Through leveraging skilled, reliable and affordable talent.

Yes, I’m here to talk about how you can pay around $4-5 per hour to have your most mundane and tedious SEO tasks not only outsourced, but performed more effectively than you can yourself.

We are going to go through each of these 5 tasks and I am going to explain exactly how you package them up and hand them over to an offshore resource that has only basic online marketing/SEO knowledge. Continue reading