About Laura

Once referred to as the “Movie Rain Man” by a co-worker, Laura Greene writes for Page One Power during the week and spends her off time blogging about geek related movies and television on her blog, Likely Lola.

Breaking the Curse of the Non-Responsive Mommy Blogger


Within the first two weeks of my content writing career, it became very clear to me that mommy bloggers are not well liked among link builders. They have the rather unsavory reputation of being egotistical, money hungry and hard to connect with on a personal level. And getting a response to your outreach? Forget about it!

With the slow link-building months creeping up on us (as if winter weren’t bad enough already), it’s almost not worth wasting the time on outreach to mom bloggers when it seems as if it’s doomed to fail. But what’s really happening here? Why are these crafty moms throwing our work back in our face? Continue reading