Why Grayhats & Blackhats Aren’t the Problem With SEO

This is a guest post from Jarrod Wright

I’ve had the following rant percolating in my mind for some time now.  It is a familiar gripe that rings as true in me as any.  It can be summarized as:

Pure white hat marketers need to shut the hell up and stop pretending their shit does not stink.

It has felt to me for a long time that Google, whether consciously or not, has been effective at turning the SEO community against itself.   Hearing “thought leaders” side in favor of outing, and casually characterizing, large groups of marketers as “spammers” feels treasonous to me. Not just because I wholeheartedly disagree, but also because their focus seems completely misdirected.


To my thinking, there are only three sides in the SEO game.  This is how I break it down.

#1. The Search Engines

Despite what has been said, search engines view ALL SEOs as the enemy. That is because the entire industry is a force aligned in direct opposition to their interests.

Not only does the persistent  onslaught of SEO strategizing put immense strain on their algorithms, but SEO’s compete directly for the exact same marketing dollars.

The gesture’s faux transparency and aura of servility are a ruse.  It is merely an instance of keeping their enemies closer.


If Google could get every SEO in a room and use that flashy thing from Men In Black to erase our memories… they would. And trust me, once Rand and Danny had gotten everyone’s attention and had them focus on the light, their minds too would be similarly disposed.   Continue reading