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Chris Gilchrist is the Managing Director & Founder at Specialist WordPress and SEO agency, Hit Reach. You can find him on Google Plus and Twitter.

Want My Link? Learn to Carry a Fishbowl Between Your Legs

Below is a guest post from my good friend Chris Gilchrist who runs an SEO and Web development agency in Dundee, Scotland. He is one of the co-founders of Link Club a Link Building community and monthly newsletter.

Want more links and a higher response rate from your outreach?

Are you prepared to carry a fishbowl between your legs anytime you’re out in public?

A little background

You probably already know that when you meet someone for the first time you make your mind up about them in the first 7 seconds.

Not in 7 minutes. Which is enough time to convince them you’re nice. 7 seconds.

We meet. 1…2…3…4…5…6…7 seconds. That’s it. Time’s up.

My mind’s made up if I like you and trust you enough to believe or even listen to what’s going to come out your mouth next time you open it. Possibly even forever more.

Back in my first job when I sold Gas & Electricity door to door for a local electricity company I took great care to make sure that 7 seconds counted.

No one likes sales people. No one likes people knocking on their doors. Uninvited. Especially at dinner time. After a long day at work. It can bring out the worst in some people.

Which is why we dressed in the same outfits as the meter readers, because who hates the humble meter reader?

For me this meant more than just wearing the same jumper, trousers and jacket.


It meant scuffing my brand new shoes. Wearing a meter key and tools on a chain.

I probably looked more like a meter reader than half the meter readers did. And it worked. Very very well.  around my neck. Having my tie poorly tied and slightly squint. A cheap bic pen behind my ear rather than a favourite expensive one. A pair of trousers just slightly on the short side. I didn’t look up from my notes when I first talked to them, because I wasn’t caring about a sale. I was just a bored meter reader letting them know about some savings they could make on their Gas and Electric. And I certainly wasn’t interested in commission so there was no excitement in my voice.

So the good news is you can influence people very quickly with a first impression.

But here’s the bad news.

Whilst it takes someone 7 seconds to judge you, it takes them just 50ms to judge your entire homepage.

So how long do you think it takes them to judge your short and to the point outreach email? Continue reading